Omaha Nail Design School

Nail Technology Course

NEW LOCATION ALERT! We are now located at 3054 S. 32nd Avenue.

Our fee for Nail Technology students is $4,100.

Fast Track Your Education

The Nail Technology Class at our school is only 300 hours. You will graduate sooner from our school if you attend full time than any other school in the area. If attending full time, 35 hours per week, you can graduate in 9 to 10 weeks. If you are attending part time, it will take a bit longer to finish. Both full-time and part-time classes are available. A $500 fee is due at the time of enrollment which is included in the course price.

Required Hours

We are open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Full time students will attend these hours with 1/2 hour lunch. The full time schedule is 35 hours per week. The class lasts for 300 hours, and you should be done is about 9 to 10 weeks. Part time students who attend the minimum of 20 hours per week will graduate in about 15 weeks.

Required Textbook

Your textbook is Milady’s Standard Nail Technology, 5th Edition Revised. The student kit will include the products and implements required by the State for you to practice and work on your demos or clients while you are in the Academy of Nail Design.


Your training will include spa manicures and pedicures, acrylic application and maintenance, hard gel application and maintenance. We also include gel polish procedures in this area. Silk and fiberglass wraps are taught. We are the only school in the Omaha area offering products and training in acrylic 3-D nail design. We are excited about this new aspect of Nail Tech training as few schools in the country teach this. There will also be training in using gel polish for nail design. Demonstrations and practice with the electric file will be included.

The book work for this course includes: an orientation of opportunities in the nail industry, life skills, professional image, communication and business skills. You will also study infection control, disinfection practices, general anatomy, skin and nail structure, nail and skin diseases, and product chemistry.

Our students at Academy of Nail Design will work on the school’s customers, and their friends and family while in their course of study.

Nail Technology is an exciting career with an increasing demand for Nail Technicians. Our school continuously strives to have the best training in the area. We are using the most innovative products in our industry including Creative Nail Design, OPI, NSI and Cuccio, and Artistic and Cuccio T-3 Gel Systems.

You will have one-on-one instruction in all areas. Our standards are professional and our instructor is passionate about the field of Nail Technology. So you, the student, will be introduced to the newest products and learn the latest techniques.

Nail Technology Instructor Course

The Nail Technology INSTRUCTOR Course is 300 hours or 9/10 weeks for $4500. A $250 fee is due at the time of enrollment, this is a separate fee for the textbook and exam guide. This course includes 300 hours of theory and practical training including creating lesson plans, developing and using educational aids, teaching skills and presentation techniques, classroom management, and student evaluation and testing methods.

Continuing Education

Please think of us for your Continuing Education. We are offering programs demonstrating new products and techniques. Current programs are using led hard gels for nail repair when using gel polish. Call 402-651-4391 for more information and dates.

Drill Classes

We also offer for those out-of-state Nail Technicians a 16 hour drill class which the State of Nebraska requires covering the proper use of an electric file with hands-on practice. Call the school for further information, dates and cost of classes.